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Forward-thinking tech scale-ups.

We are passionate about working closely with inspired entrepreneurs and their teams to get their businesses to the next level through precise execution. We focus primarily on earlier stage investments where we can make the greatest impact.

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One of our investment projects -  Scale Pad
Scalepad is an IT management platform which provides asset management and relationship analytics for MSP's so they can track their clients' assets and equipment warranties.
Quoter is a quoting platform for technology service providers. Their platform, automation workflows, and unlimited user pricing plans empowers sales and services teams to create more successful quotes than ever before.
Design is about more than just beautiful furniture. It's about how it influences our lives, shapes our homes, and inspires stories. Rove Concepts delivers crafted, exquisite, lasting furniture design to cherish now and forever.
ControlMap is a SaaS platform designed to help organizations starting, scaling or automating their InfoSec certification, auditing and compliance processes.
One of our investment projects - iQKitchen
iQKitchen provides a suite of applications developed for fully autonomous food safety compliance for commercial kitchens and food manufacturers.They provide a better solution for organizations needing to meet food-safety mandates.
Produce8 is helping businesses navigate the new working model of digital-first, remote and hybrid teams. Their SaaS application provides real-time visibility into the work getting done across all of their business applications.
One of our investment projects -  Fully Managed
Founded market defining MSP in 2002 and scaled through to merger with Careworx in 2018. MSP was the largest in Canada with 450 staff, and continued to break ground in the industry with ongoing innovation. Exited to Telus in 2022.
One of our investment projects -  IT Glue
Founded and built the company which created a new category of IT Documentation until it was eventually acquired by Insight Ventures and merged into IT Services Software industry leader Kaseya.
One of our investment projects - MyIT
Merged with ECS and reorganized by private equity into Purple Guys backed by Park South Ventures and KIAN Capital
One of our investment projects -  Backup Radar
Top Down invested at an early stage, helped grow the business 10x and led the eventual Integrity Growth Partners funded sale to ScalePad.