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Our Headquarters

3200 - 1021 W Hastings St.
Vancouver, BC V6E 0C3
P 1.604.425.2275

Forward-thinking tech scale-ups.

We are passionate about working closely with inspired entrepreneurs and their teams to get their businesses to the next level through precise execution. We focus primarily on earlier stage investments where we can make the greatest impact.

Image of a man reviewing financial reports
Simplifying IT asset management for effortless business scaling.
An all-in-one nutritional supplement company that's revolutionizing the direct-to-consumer health and wellness market.
Helping remote, hybrid and digital first teams work more effectively.
Elevating spaces with contemporary furniture designs that inspire living.
Smart kitchen tech for tasteful experiences and culinary delights.
Streamlined quoting solutions, closing deals with impressive efficiency.
Empowering businesses with robust and intuitive compliance management software.
Expert IT services, ensuring seamless operations and growth support.
Organize, secure, and access IT documentation effortlessly and efficiently.
Personalized IT solutions, empowering users with enhanced productivity and connectivity.
Automated backup monitoring for foolproof data protection and recovery.