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3200 - 1021 W Hastings St.
Vancouver, BC V6E 0C3
P 1.604.425.2275

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Top Down provides capital, operational support and scaling expertise for emerging software companies on the verge of greatness.

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Top Down Fund

Founders transforming the MSP industry‍

A fund by MSP founders for MSP founders.

Our mission is laser-focused on bridging a critical gap — the scarcity of savvy capital and specialized industry know-how for early-stage SaaS startups focused on the MSP sector.

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How we help

A partnership that reinforces your purpose.

Top Down identifies 'Blue Ocean' opportunities and invests in them strategically. Our strategies are driven by our deep B2B SaaS expertise and category-defining, highly profitable growth markets.

We help you refine your product strategy and go-to-market. Then we layer in our legal, finance and corporate development expertise and help you to attract and retain the talent needed to sustain the business on its path to greatness.

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Network Success

Helping founders drive successful outcomes.

Top Down helps founders bridge the gap between the business and the market while surrounding them with the appropriate operational support needed at every phase. Focus ruthlessly on what will make your company great. Eliminate the distractions.

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Dan Wensley
CEO, ScalePad

Top Down has enabled us to navigate the waters of hyper-growth. As we evolved from 'startup to scaling', the team helped us bring our vision to life. They supported our strategy, helped us hire leadership talent and ultimately took our business to the next level.
Ryan McGinnis
VP Product, Produce8

Being a Top Down company means being able to focus more time on pulling the levers of business success. The Top Down team helped us take a great product concept and a tremendous market opportunity, and find the best way to engage for maximum impact.

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Our Advantage

Refined strategy to move you forward.

Top Down brings together three critical elements that help companies fuel growth: Great founding teams, patient capital and an incredible team of scaling experts.

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Market Access

Network of customers and partners

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Corporate Development

Partnerships, funding and exits

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Executive advisory from experts

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People & Talent

Planning, recruitment, and development

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Finance & Administration

Managing cash flow and scale-up

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Infrastructure Support

Technology, systems and office space

Who we are

Top notch expertise for your business.

Top Down's leadership team is a group of passionate, experienced founders invested entirely in your success.

Our skilled, dedicated executives are laser-focused on helping you remove roadblocks and avoid pitfalls. Whether you need strategic, operational or tactical guidance—we are here to make sure you win.

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