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September 28, 2023

Top Down Joins Hands with Big Sisters for Their Annual Soirée

Top Down is pleased to announce our support for the Big Sisters’ annual Soirée presented by Scotiabank on October 20, 2023. This event, hosted at the elegant Westin Bayshore in Vancouver, is a celebration of mentorship and the positive impact it has on the lives of girls and youth in our community.

Big Sisters’ Impact

Big Sisters is renowned for its dedication to empowering young people, fostering their potential through meaningful mentoring relationships. Their work has illuminated the paths of countless individuals, offering them the courage and support needed to navigate life’s challenges and opportunities. To learn more about Big Sisters - visit them here.

Our Involvement

As one of the many proud sponsors of this event, Top Down is committed to contributing to a cause that aligns with our values of community and empowerment. We are inspired by the stories of transformation and growth that emanate from the mentorship provided by Big Sisters.

Ways to Support

Supporting Big Sisters extends beyond event sponsorship. Every contribution, big or small, plays a crucial role in enabling life-changing mentoring relationships. For those looking to make a difference, there are various ways to contribute. A donation to Big Sisters can help create life-changing opportunities for youth in our community.

Attend the Soirée

To be a part of this magical evening and directly support the cause, you can purchase tickets to the Soirée here. Your presence will not only contribute to the atmosphere of celebration but also to the ongoing support and empowerment of young people through Big Sisters’ mentorship programs.

Join Us

We invite you to join us and the broader community of supporters at The Westin Bayshore to celebrate and uplift the mission of Big Sisters. Together, we can contribute to a future where every young person is supported and empowered to achieve their fullest potential.