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December 27, 2021

Modernizing the Luxury Furniture Industry through Disruptive Technology

Top Down is delighted to announce its equity investment on Rove Concepts—a company modernizing the direct-to-consumer luxury furniture space with its disruptive technology platform.

Rove Concepts handcrafts the majority of its pieces in an artisan workshop it owns and operates, giving its team greater quality-control all the way from raw materials to their final products. Consumers can inspect pieces virtually in 360-degree detail and view multiple pieces ‘in their homes’ using augmented reality (AR) technology.

“We believe there are incredible opportunities ahead for Rove Concepts in terms of AR, supply chain disruption and more,” said Chris Day, Managing Partner, Top Down. “The technology roadmap is inspirational and we feel we can create a ton of value in contributing to that roadmap and helping execute on the vision ahead.”

Rove Concepts was founded in the Pacific Northwest in 2011 by Art Lee, a true visionary in the furniture space