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Dedicated to helping artists & cultivating talent

With a comprehensive approach that includes artist management, promotion, and an independent record label, Top Down Entertainment is committed to providing the support and resources that emerging artists need to succeed.

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Tanner Olsen Band

The Tanner Olsen Band brings a raw, unfiltered edge to the country music scene. Their sound is a gritty blend of traditional country roots, laced with a modern kick that keeps it vibrant and relevant.
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Unlock Your Potential with an Artist-Focused Approach

What sets Top Down Entertainment apart is its growth mindset, which prioritizes development and progression. By fostering an environment that encourages creativity, innovation, and collaboration, Top Down Entertainment is dedicated to helping artists become superstars.

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Top Down Entertainment can help both up-and-coming artists and established talent looking for a fresh approach take their careers to the next level with our expertise and experience.

Our Headquarters

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